Expanding your inner light workshop

On Sunday April 15th 2018. The Magic journey with spirit – Enhance your Gifts workshop’ is for those in their early stages of your mediumship journey and want to build on your power and enhance your link to the spirit realm. This workshop is all about enhancing your journey and gifts, working with like minded people in a fun workshop that will leave you inspired and excited about your spiritual journey.

Bettws in Bloom, 1 Lambourne Way, NP20 7TL, Newport.
Please bring a packed lunch and the workshop is £35, please contact Sharon to book your space. Pre-booking and payment is essential as spaces are limtied.

Sunday April 15th 2018.

£35 per person

You will link to your guides:

  • Work on building you power and connection to your guides and beyond
  • How to do readings, connection and conduct
  • The laws of the land and how this journey might affect you
  • Find your strengths and how spirit want to work with you