Expanding your inner light workshop

On Sunday May 13th 2018. This workshop is for spiritual workers who wish to improve their connection with their guides and the spirit realm. This workshop will brighten the light within you.

The day will entail building your connection with your guides. There will be various exercises during the day that will expand your connection with spirit and build your confidence in communication through your spoken voice and written words.

Remember your guides need to find the best way you can communicate with them and them with you and this workshop will give them opportunity. You will be given guidance and tools to take away with you to keep your inner light lit at all times.

You will leave this workshop in an awesome uplifted state of well being with the positive tools to move forward on your spiritual journey.

Sharon from Bengalrose is running this wonderful workshop Bettws in Bloom, 1 Lambourne Way, NP20 7TL, Newport.

Please bring a packed lunch and the workshop is £35, please contact Sharon to book your space. Pre-booking and payment is essential as spaces are limited.

Sunday July 1st 2018.

£35 per person

You will link to your guides:

  • by spoken word
  • Written word
  • Meditation
  • Building your inner light
  • Expanding your inner vision