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The journey of trance will help you link with your guides and bring you new knowledge

Spiritual development

Bringing you the teachings you need for your own  spiritual development.

Books & Oracle cards

Our books will help with your spiritual development and understanding your spiritual journey.


Meditation is key to a relaxing life, peaceful mind and your spiritual development.

Sharon works with her high ascension guides channelling their messages to bring you spiritual guidance and healing to help you find your true ascension light path on your Earth’s journey. She is an amazing teacher and mentor guiding each unique individual to fulfilling their potential.

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Sharon's books and oracle cards

All of Sharon’s books have been channelled by her spirit guides to help humanity on they’re spiritual journey. Her books cover various subjects from knowledge of the spirit realm, angels, UFO’s, ascension, incarnation and past life’s. Also Sharon offers a publishing service. She offers book cover design, creating your book laylout for Amazon and teaches how to use Amazon Kindle self publishing service. Contact her for more details.

New Earth –
The light beyond the horizon

This book will enlighten you in ways you could …

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The light within Atlantis

This is a story of finding Atlantis – the light in the universe, set in ancient times and tells …

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The Medium’s Handbook:

This book will give you the tools to take your journey towards mediumship and healing; imagine…

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The Magic of Spirit

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Ayderline the spirit within

This is the story of Ayderline, the spirit within, a multidimensional being from the spirit realm…

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Heavenly guidance

The pages are full of 100 plus inspiring verses and wisdom. There are also 44 daily guidance …

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The Magic of Words

You will learn from this book to stay in the positive energy vein, and how to stay in that magic…

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The must-read book ‘Utopia’ has been written by Sharon Bengalrose and her spirit team, to …

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Your daily spiritual guidance diary

We know you will always be inspired by this ageless 366-day spiritual guidance diary

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The Celestial Guardians of Earth

Learn about the Celestial beings that oversee Mother Earth & how they spiritually guide us

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Deep Core

The book is a tool to guide you and the 5 meditations are part of the healing process

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Celestial guidance

These cards will bring you confirmations, actions to take, evoke healing

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The Spiritual Tool Kit

A Comprehensive Resource for Your Spiritual Development with a variety of trusted practices and techniques

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A Journey of Illumination

Nurturing Your Gifts as a Light Worker Channeler - full of practical examples to help your spiritual path

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Latest news

An explanation of the Souls journey

I have created a visual diagram to help you understand how your souls journey works with the human form. You can find a more in depth explanation …

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How our guides work with us

I have created a visual diagram to help you understand how our guides work with us. You can find a more indepth explanation in my new book 'The …

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DNA Ancient Codes

Ancient Codes - your DNA holds the ancient codes of spiritual values and healing knowledge These cannot be seen by a scientific machines, but can …

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One Spiritual Movement

Sharon is also the founder member of the One Spiritual Movement. Please join the Facebook group page or go the website to register and for more information.

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