Month: November 2015

Open raw emotions

As I cuddled my first grand child for the first time yesterday I cried, my heart swelled and I fell in love. I was starting a new journey in my life. Many things flashed through my mind: You have been born into a massive world, one tiny soul, who will make a difference. I want…
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To day I became a Nanna

Today at 6.30 am my beautiful grand daughter arrived in the world, a rainbow child I have been told by spirit, she is special x

Nice feed back on book already

“WOW! Mrs. B has written a book, check it out… “It’s amazing” ” I didn’t see that coming” ” made me cry” – and they are just my quotes!”

‘Utopia’ the must-read book

‘Utopia’ the must-read book written by spirit that enlightens mankind about the spirit world, the outside influences that have affected Earth’s history, mankind’s beliefs and religions. When you to read this book you will draw your own conclusions, but spirits hope is that from this book, you will take a positive step forward on your…
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Orange Friday

Whats in a color, it is just a word after all, or is it? I have chosen today to call today Orange Friday not Black Friday, because orange reflects to me sunshine, brightness, new beginnings, summer, strength and confidence. Black to me is reflects, respect, symbolism, sadness, night, statement and end. What do these colors…
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I have up loaded my book to Amazon for approval, also on Kobo books. I will place it on ibooks when my tech guy can help me ha

Today is a new beginning

How many of you wake up each day and say, “today I am going to do things differently”. This could be diet, moving away from an abusive partner or looking for a new job. But as the day progresses this thought is put to the back burner, until the emotion that triggered it in the…
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Your inner power

As the power station sits quietly, humming along in to tune to its energy power, it silently waits for light switches to go all over the country, slowly the dials start to rise, the lights get bright like the stars. When you click that light switch do you ever think where does this power come…
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Do we live in a hologram?

Do you ever beat your self up over what you look like, am I good enough, I should of done this, said that. YES!. Then its time to stop, as this is a negative path you are on. Except who you are as you are unique and from the divine light. Don’t beat your self…
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Our children are the future

An abstract from my book “Part of the journey to help aid your children, is for the adults of your society’s to heal themselves. The reason I say this is to teach your children, you need to be at your best high vibration. To teach the purist and best aspect required for future mankind’s needs,…
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