Month: December 2015

Spirit knows our life’s journey

I am excited as at the moment Harold is working with me on the out line of the follow up book to ‘Utopia’. This journey is quite amazing for me as I have struggled all my life with words, as I have dyslexia, even writing an email was a challenge to me. Also reading any…
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Our children are born pure of heart and spirit

Please watch our latest Youtube video    

Angel hugs to you all

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES

Love my ele calendar from Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES a great way to support the charity and their wonderful work x

You Tube

We will be adding regular videos with guidance and answers from spirit. First one is up, you and subscribe on You tube, follow me on Twitter or my Facebook bengalrose page to see them.x

The meaning of Christmas – fake tree or real

Christmas to me has no Christian aspect, I re-choice it as it brings my family together. I do enjoy giving gifts, drinking wine and laughter.¬† To me it invites people to travel those journeys to be together, if Christmas was not there marked on our calendar’s of life this would not happen. Christmas trees sparkle…
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The magic of Spirit

Well I know there is a 2nd book on the way I’m being bombarded with ideas from my spirit guide Harold, so better get typing xx The magic of Spirit¬† xxx

In 2016 break your own barriers

After reading some resent Facebook status posts, revealing life’s deep ups and downs and feelings, private moments and heart break, you have to think what is the meaning of what we all go through. I get asked this often in my work. I see finding inner strength we did not know we had, friends that…
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