Month: January 2016

Bengalrose Healing

Positive News event page to brighten up your days

The Light Workers Journey workshop

Book your space NOW so not to miss out on this fantastic workshop The Light Workers Journey With Maria and Sharon Sunday 13th March 10am – 4pm – £30 This workshop will give you a chance to explore your inner self, test your abilities and give you a chance to interact with like-minded people.…
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Signs from the spirit world – Feathers and their meanings

Signs from the spirit realm are all around us and you find can information about these in my book ‘The Magic of Spirit’.  Finding feathers is a sure sign spirit is around you and one of the commonly known signs of the angels, guides and love ones passed over. Feathers of any colour are a…
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Past life’s

My journey with spirit started from a pass life regression I had, I had had a repetitive dream all my life, knowing it was something not from this life time. I believe that dream was my door way to working with spirit world and them connecting with me when the time was right. After I…
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Be Inspired!!! Be positive also Be Inspired!!! Be positive Do YOU want to change your life for the better, always be positive and make the world around you live in an awesome safe place to be? YES then this is the book for you ‘Utopia’. This book will make you think, question and lead you to make…
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Have a vision

On Sunday I went on a vision board workshop at heaven Sent Spiritual Center, it was an awesome experience. You release unwanted worries and fears and set your future vision. I will now work with my spirit team to manifest it x

Star children

My Book Utopia talks about our star seed children and how humanity needs to work with our children to make the world the loving and light place it can be. Be Inspired!!! Do YOU want to change your life for the better, always be positive and make the world around you live in an awesome…
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Mind games and ego trips

You know to day I am reflecting that your mind plays tricks on you, and your ego saids things that are not true. I have people around me playing cryptic mind games, pulling on my emotional strings at the moment, they use social media to do this. My intuition knows what they are doing, its…
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