A night of terror in Paris

I have sat and watched the news this morning about the night of terror in Paris. After a tear and a prayer for those souls and the families and friends left to grieve, I have then asked for protection for myself so I don’t drain my energies with grief.

I have light workers round me who do not watch the news this is the way they raise their vibrations to reach a higher ascension level of being. I feel we all need to face whats in our world and sometimes action against fellow humans does need to be sadly taken to safe guard others. We can protect our vibrations and still be fully a ware of others

Would it not be-lovely just to press a button and all would be wonderful humanity living as one. But in the 3D existence this is not the way at the moment. To reach the 5D existence of love and wholeness as one is what we need to achieve as a race and we would do this by ending wars. So yes a contradiction in it self. mankind is shifting slowly into the 4D platform for higher way of living, but as we strive towards this it will take time.

I would like to share an extract from my book from spirit for the way forward.

“First of all adults, who have the responsibility of children or are around children in their lives, should start asking them from a young age how they would like to see their world and how they would improve it. This should start from the moment they are born; show them positive pictures, take them to different Mother Earth environments where you live. As they develop and start to communicate with you and the world around them, start to ask their opinion of the world they see. Don’t shield them from bad images or the news. Let them see these and ask them how they would help and how humans can stop this happening. For them to change their world they need to know what to change, and if you shield them – how will they know?”

The way forward with our world is our children, we will rise out of this restricted way of behavior and thinking through them xx