ONLINE Module course -
'A journey of Illumination'
Learn to nurture your gifts as a Light Worker Channeler

Welcome to my transformative online course, where you will embark on an extraordinary journey of healing, self-discovery, and profound connection with celestial energies.

This course is meticulously designed to guide you through a remarkable exploration of personal growth and inner transformation. By delving into the depths of your being, you will uncover hidden potentials, ignite your inner light, and unlock the power to heal yourself.

Throughout this immersive experience, you will be introduced to ancient wisdom and modern techniques that will empower you to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. By tapping into the celestial energies that surround us, you will learn to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, fostering a profound sense of balance and well-being.

Under the guidance of seasoned experts in the field, you will be equipped with practical tools and techniques to cultivate self-awareness, enhance your intuition, and awaken your innate healing abilities. Through a series of engaging lessons, thought-provoking exercises, and guided meditations, you will embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling empowered, enlightened, and connected to the vast cosmic forces that shape our existence.

Join us on this awe-inspiring expedition of self-discovery and healing. Enroll in our online course today and unlock the limitless potential that lies within you.

Distant module learning course

• Learn at your own pace
Learn about channeling
• Learn how to connect to your guides and the celestial realms
• Learn how to connect with your guides and the human essence of  past over loved ones
• The dos and dont's of being a light worker channeler
• Be an advocate for our celestial guardians
• Meditation, mindfulness and healing
• Online video teaching exercises
• Getting to know your guides

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"I have just completed ​A journey of Illumination on line course.
Sharon is an amazing inspirational person, very supportive makes you feel at ease always happy to help and answer any Questions.
I always looked forward to the video links with Sharon.
I enjoyed each and every module and learnt a lot.
Sharon has given me the confidence to move forward
I am so grateful to you"
Liz x