Did I visit heaven last night?

Had quite a dream last night, I was siting talking to someone about spirit, then I felt a spirit come in, she was between us on the settee, I have asked not to see spirit for various reasons, but I asked her to show it self. First of all it was like looking at a transparent face, then she appears, in mid twenties, hair in curly in a pony tail in sporty casual wear. relaxed with her legs crossed. I was not fearful, I asked her how she got to earth. She took me to an arch, it was like a set replicating something ancient. She said I can come with her, but for only two days then I must return back to my life on earth. I decided to step in to heaven, there were two people to greet me like security guards, they said I can only stay in this area of heaven as Im only visiting.

I was looking at large setting areas, people all shapes and sizes sitting chatting waiting for their onward journey, reminded me of a large airport. I realise they they had come back to heaven to stay and were talking about their jobs and they look forward to getting back into life there. There was no tension every body was really relaxed.

I decided to go for a wonder in this space, I came to an other gate, where I saw 3 people come through, one lady very tall lady was delighted to be back home in heaven and her onward journey. I went on a car journey while there, odd as not sure where, then I was back at the heaven central, when I decided to look for information about this realm, like a newspaper, there were papers but jokes and laughter in them. But I kept looking then saw a huge news paper and red headings and black copy, but I could not read it was and was not allowed it.

I then knew it was time for me to come back home and got a bit panicky as did not know how to get my archway, someone came up and put their arm around me and led me to a bridge walk way, this was the way out, i joined the throng of people all going back, I was carrying a lot of baggage with me and saw my husband behind me, saying you need to come too. Then i woke up.

Did I go to heaven and see it as my reality, interesting, I know I astro travel so who knows