Do we live in a hologram?

Do you ever beat your self up over what you look like, am I good enough, I should of done this, said that. YES!. Then its time to stop, as this is a negative path you are on.

Except who you are as you are unique and from the divine light. Don’t beat your self up over what was said, you can always apologise!! Or except what was said was a moment of time and now is gone and you can let go of it and move on.

What man perceives we expect of each other and how we behave is created by mans thought patterns. It reminds me of the matrix film, we live in a world like a hologram and we create this world we live in.

LETTING GO of the negative thought pattern is key to a successful happy life, you will create a new reality , a new life path to go down. be the best you can my friends and live in a positive future world.