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Sharon is delighted to bring you her collection of meditations on three CD’s, ‘Be the light’, ‘Spiritual Development’ and ‘Time to heal’. These 9 meditations channeled from her guides is every thing you need to enhance your spiritual journey and find your true self and life mission. If you are a spiritual leader they would be wonderful for your students and your teachings.

Sharon believes its key for the future of humanity that adults and children learn to meditate, giving them the tools so they can achieve the best healing and loving life they can.

There are 9 meditations and you can buy these individually in digital format of mp3 as well as CD’s, ‘Be the light’, ‘Spiritual Development’ and ‘Time to heal’ (These CD's are also in digital format).

They are available from Sharon’s Esty Shop Bengalrose Healing or you can email her on to purchase the CD’s straight from Bengalrose Healing.

Sharon teaches meditation and mindfulness - learning to de-stress, relax and bring clarity to your world.
These are hour sessions that can be face-to-face or by video link by phone, messenger and whatsapp
Price £40 paid in advance

CD 1 – Time to heal

CD Digital download

3 meditations. Available as a CD or a digital download

1. Mind and body healing meditation – Happy sacred space by Bengalrose Healing
This meditation has been channeled by my Pleiadean guides to bring knowledge to you of self-healing for your mind set and physical body. It is designed to heal and program your body cells with an unconditional love high frequency energy through a positive thought process. This ancient way of healing sits within the conscious layers of your DNA and this meditation will awaken this knowledge and set you on the path of a young at heart, healthy and pain free life.

The principle behind the Pleiadean guides message is our cells renew and rejuvenate and we can influence this process. With a positive thought process of full health and long life, believing you will not physically age into a debilitating state of being. Staying young at heart you can maintain a healthy physical and mental balance and have a longer healthier life.

The meditation is 19.27 minutes long.

2. Self-empowerment meditation by Bengalrose Healing
This meditation has been channeled by my guides to help you acknowledge the powerful spiritual connection that is always within you. You are born into this 3D reality in a high energy vibrational frequency of unconditional love and you come with all the tools you need to survive this heaver 3D energy world called Earth. You have a powerful built-in inner connection some call the six sense. It is this empowerment of ancient energy and knowledge that is waiting to be unleashed. This meditation will help you tap into this to enhance your spiritual journey.

The meditation is 9.50 minutes long.

3. Peace of mind relaxation meditation by Bengalrose Healing
It is key to having a healthy mind and body to take time out from your busy life so you can relax, and this meditation is designed to help you do just that. This short meditation uses a mixture of breath technique and visualisation to help you achieve a state of relaxation. You can also use the breath focusing technique in your everyday life’s to bring mindfulness and clarity of mind in stressful situations.

The meditation is 6 minutes long.