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Anti bullying Holistic support

ETHOS had been created under the umbrella of 'Bengalrose Healing' to help children and adults though holistic treatments to give them holistic tools to deal with bullying that can trigger anxiety, stress and low esteem. Through my own childhood experiences and witnessing bullying in our modern day, I am on a mission to help children and adults to deal with the mental and physical affects this can trigger in themselves through holistic healing.

We also offer holistic support to those that have been accused of bullying and working in the holistic light to address the emotions and feelings that can a rise from these actions.

Our future mission is to:

We know children are our planets future and if we can though holistic healing bring change then this is our mission.

We offer sessions in:
Sound healing
Reiki Healing
Meditation and it benefits
Healing energies of Crystals

Payment - Children is a donation of your choice, that will go towards Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Adult £20 - Sessions last an hour. Please contact Sharon by email or Facebook messenger.

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