Freedom is a right for all pure of heart and mind living beings in your world, a free body and a free mind. Freedom has not boundaries, no restrictions. Freedom is given to those that follow the divine way of being by God living in love and light.

If you seek the darkness, you will find yourself on the wrong life’s path, then the walls of confinement will find you in your mental or physical being. Following this path you imprison yourself on to a path leading away from the divine light.

When these walls of confinement surround you, you will feel the need to break out of them. Only you can create that reality, only you can change the direction your life’s path is going in.

There will be walls you cannot see through or climb, let others who hold out a hand of compassion help you climb them to free yourself. Shake of those chains, the fears, the doubts, and place your trust in others to find yourself again, the true you.

Your inner spirit waits for you to purify and cleanse your mind and body, and then you will know the freedom that we all seek. The freedom of experiencing the divine love of God, the freedom to go any where and live your spiritual life to the full radiating kindness, love and light to all of those around you.