I will listen to my intuition

I keep being reminded by spirit when I work with other people on their spiritual journey to ask them to listen to their intuition, this is a gift from spirit to help us on our lives path.

I have had a lesson lately that I really needed to listen to mine. When something does not feel right, a relationship, friendship, a working partner or a situation in time, we naturally revisit them or the situation as we cant quite believe its not for us. Then the old doubt feeling pops up again, this is when we really need to listen girls and guys to our intuition.

If we listened first time, with TRUST then we we would not put our selves through doubt, self doubt, pain, anger, hurt and life would be more positive and we would have more moments of where we should be, not where we think we should be.

So I am really going start listening more when my inner voice says NO or YES go for it.