Inner fears

We have all been reeling from the shock of the Friday night and the events in Paris, also the realization that ISIS are attacking other countries at the same time that’s not reaching headline news.

I have been trying to protect my energies from this heart breaking news so I can function, but every now and them fears keep popping into my brain.

Out at my future grand child’s baby shower last night, I was sat in a well known restaurant in Cabot Circus. A couple of times I suddenly felt very vulnerable and watched the door, GOD I had the fear of an attack. I realized the people who had had the lives taken from them around the world are  people like you and me. I asked for that fear to be taken away and I relaxed.

I know the world is full of goodness and the ISIS are a very small part of this world. We will unit and our love and faith will stop this violence.

Blessings to all xx