Channeled meditations

Sharon is delighted to bring you her collection of meditations on three CD’s, ‘Be the light’, ‘Spiritual Development’ and ‘Time to heal’. These 9 meditations channeled from my guides is every thing you need to enhance your spiritual journey and find your true self and life mission. If you are a spiritual leader they would be wonderful for your students and your teachings.

Sharon believes its key for the future of humanity that adults and children learn to meditate, giving them the tools so they can achieve the best healing and loving life they can.

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There are 9 meditations all available on CD or you can buy these individually in digital format of mp3. They are available from Sharon’s Esty Shop Bengalrose Healing or you can email her on to purchase the CD’s straight from Bengalrose Healing.

CD 1 – Time to heal

  1. Mind and body healing meditation – Happy sacred space by Bengalrose Healing

This meditation has been channeled by my Pleiadean guides to bring knowledge to you of self-healing for your mind set and physical body. It is designed to heal and program your body cells with an unconditional love high frequency energy through a positive thought process. This ancient way of healing sits within the conscious layers of your DNA and this meditation will awaken this knowledge and set you on the path of a young at heart, healthy and pain free life.

The principle behind the Pleiadean guides message is our cells renew and rejuvenate and we can influence this process. With a positive thought process of full health and long life, believing you will not physically age into a debilitating state of being. Staying young at heart you can maintain a healthy physical and mental balance and have a longer healthier life.

The meditation is 19.27 minutes long.

  1. Self-empowerment meditation by Bengalrose Healing

This meditation has been channeled by my guides to help you acknowledge the powerful spiritual connection that is always within you. You are born into this 3D reality in a high energy vibrational frequency of unconditional love and you come with all the tools you need to survive this heaver 3D energy world called Earth. You have a powerful built-in inner connection some call the six sense. It is this empowerment of ancient energy and knowledge that is waiting to be unleashed. This meditation will help you tap into this to enhance your spiritual journey.

The meditation is 9.50 minutes long.

  1. Peace of mind relaxation meditation by Bengalrose Healing

It is key to having a healthy mind and body to take time out from your busy life so you can relax, and this meditation is designed to help you do just that. This short meditation uses a mixture of breath technique and visualisation to help you achieve a state of relaxation. You can also use the breath focusing technique in your everyday life’s to bring mindfulness and clarity of mind in stressful situations.

The meditation is 6 minutes long.

CD 2 – Spiritual Development

Welcome to the Connecting with your guides meditations

Connecting with your guides and trusting their presence in your life is key to your spiritual growth. Some of you will have ascended to the point of feeling their presence in your energy field as they draw close to be with you. They work with us on a telepathic thought link and vibrational light harmonic sound healing frequency. We present to you two meditations to help you link with your guides and to help build the trust.

First of all, we will start with a simple meditation exercise which has been created by the ascended beings that work with us for this purpose. Set the intent for a guide that is authorized to work with you in the divine unconditional love energy for your greatest good, to step forward ready for this exercise. Each time you do this exercise your connection with your guides will grow stronger. Remember your guides need to work with you to find out the best way they can connect with you and to build that connection for the benefit of your earth life’s path of learning. This short meditation exercise will help with this and you can do it on a regular basis to build the strength of the connection with your guides.

You are then taken to the second meditation. This is a visualization meditation created by my guides to create a safe space to meet one of your guides.

The meditation lasts 16 minutes

Welcome to the Meet your animal guides by Bengalrose Healing

Humans have had animal guides for centuries. They were given to humans to help balance their energies with the Earth and the Elemental realms of existence. They have a hidden dimensional realm on Mother Earth for them to reside safely in while working with their human on Earth and we call it middle Earth. When their time of being as a guide has come to an end, they return to their home source energy plane of the elemental realms. This meditation will guide you to middle Earth to meet your animal guides.

The meditation lasts 11.38 minutes

Welcome to the Message from your guides meditation – Stepping through the door by Bengalrose Healing

This visualisation meditation is designed for the busy mind to relax and help you get the guidance you need for your spiritual path. Your guides quite often find you are very busy and you do not always hear what your guides have to say to you to help you on your own spiritual path.

The meditation lasts 9 minutes

CD3 – Be the light

Pyramid meditation – Ascension – find your inner light by Bengalrose Healing

This meditation is bought from the beautiful Pleiadean beings that work with Mother Earth. They bring you this beautiful pyramid ascension meditation, which is designed to awaken deep set consciousness in your ancient DNA. As you progress through the meditation it takes you on a journey through 12 levels of ascension linked with the 12 dimensions of our universe. You will be joined by your guides and 12 celestial light beings that have collected to be part of this meditation. They are ancient celestial beings that have served Earth for over 12,000 years. They come with their energy of light, harmonic sound and colour wave high vibrations, the basis of all creation. Humanity have named them Archangels but show themselves today in their true form of harmonic colour ray vibration to help your next step on your ascension path.

The meditation lasts 20 minutes

The Heligan sacred garden temple healing meditation by Bengalrose Healing

The meditation is channeled from my guides from their Hegelian sacred gardens healing realm. The intent is, it is to be used for healing the mind and physical body’s energy matrix and it will balance your energy frequency vibration. This meditation will connect your soul to your higher self to cleanse and heal you by removing any negative energy.

The meditation lasts 12.44 minutes

The Mother Earth’s grounding meditation by Bengalrose Healing

Welcome to our Mother Earth’s meditation, this meditation has been channeled from my guides to help you in your busy human daily life’s and when working with the high ascension spirit energy. Use the meditation when you feel you are running on a high vibration energy feeling anxious or after a busy stressful day. I use this in my spiritual development groups to help the students settle and balance so they can work with the high ascension spirit beings, while staying grounded to Mother Earth. It is very important if you work with spirit to stay grounded and this meditation will help with this.

The meditation lasts 5 minutes