Straight forward relaxing meditations

Well-being starts with the calmness of the mind and your thought patterns, a healthy mind results in well-being with in the physical body, you can achieve this through meditation.

Self-healing meditation is a technique to help you relax, DE-stress and focus. We can offer to teach you basic meditation techniques, or you can enjoy relaxing sessions with Sharon.

We have straight forward relaxing meditations through to higher self healing, these are guided meditations. Also you can train yourself to meditate listening to soothing music, great way to aid sleep and distress.

Sharon believes its key for the future of mankind our children learn to meditate, giving them these tools so they can achieve the best loving life they can.

Sharon will on your first visit discuss with you your requirements and a suitable way forward with your meditation and mindfulness.

She runs individual teaching session at £40 for adults and £25 children. (Children must be accompanied by an adult)

Please contact Sharon for more information or a booking.





The Meditation – Pyramid meditation Ascension – find your inner light is available to download on my Esty shop.

This meditation is bought from the beautiful Pleiadean beings that work with Mother Earth. They bring you this beautiful pyramid ascension meditation, which is designed to awaken deep set consciousness in your ancient DNA. As you progress through the meditation it takes you on a journey through 12 levels of ascension linked with the 12 dimensions of our universe. You will be joined by your guides and 12 celestial light beings that have collected to be part of this meditation. They are ancient celestial beings that have served Earth for over 12,000 years. They come with their energy of light, harmonic sound and colour wave high vibrations, the basis of all creation. Humanity have named them Archangels but show themselves today in their true form of harmonic colour ray vibration to help your next step on your ascension path.

“I had an absolutely amazing experience with the pyramid meditation. The Energy you feel and the light that you experience is fantastic. I love working with colour and have a real affinity with the pyramids so this meditation was like it was made for me. I loved it and would really recommend it not only for the relaxation and time for yourself but also for the energy exchange you feel when opening up to the universe through colour vibration. It’s not too short or too long about 20 minutes So can fit easily into your daily routine. 10/10 from me.”