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Sharon is a wonderful spiritual teacher working with her guides to deliver what every student needs for they’re own spiritual journey. She has a teaching guide called John who works very closely with her and gives her the ideas and knowledge for her work. His Earth life was a professor of science and maths in Philadelphia in the US in the 1950’s.

Her courses cover mediumship development, trance, soul connection, and inspiration writing. She also runs a spiritual development course designed for complete novices to spirituality to advance light workers seeking further knowledge. As well as all this Sharon also runs mediumship and trance development groups. 

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Sharon’s books

All of Sharon’s books have been channelled by her spirit guides to help humanity on they’re spiritual journey. Her books cover various subjects from knowledge of the spirit realm, angels, UFO’s, ascension, incarnation and past life’s.

New Earth –

The light beyond the horizon

This book will enlighten you in ways you could …

The light within Atlantis

This is a story of finding Atlantis – the light in the universe, set in ancient times and tells …

The Medium’s Handbook:

This book will give you the tools to take your journey towards mediumship and healing; imagine…

The Magic of Spirit

This book is for all of humanity to learn about Spiritualism and when you connect with spirit …

Ayderline the spirit within

This is the story of Ayderline, the spirit within, a multidimensional being from the spirit realm…

Heavenly guidance

The pages are full of 100 plus inspiring verses and wisdom. There are also 44 daily guidance …

The Magic of Words

You will learn from this book to stay in the positive energy vein, and how to stay in that magic…


The must-read book ‘Utopia’ has been written by Sharon Bengalrose and her spirit team, to …

Your daily spiritual guidance diary

We know you will always be inspired by this ageless 366-day spiritual guidance diary…

About Sharon

Sharon Milne Barbour is based in Newport, South Wales, UK, she is a light reader channeler, healer, spiritual teacher, mentor and author. Sharon is a very experienced spiritual teacher guided by her guides to bring out the individual unique abilities each student has. Sharon teaches, mediumship, trance and meditation as well as bring healing when it is needed. She is also the author of nine international selling books including ‘Step into the mind of a medium’, ‘The Light within Atlantis’ and ‘New Earth – the light beyond the horizon’.

To find out where Sharon is @ events or workshops in 2020, visit the other sections of the website for up to-date information. Also visit our online Esty shop for spiritual art by CIMBart, Sharon’s books, meditations and gifts.

For more information please email or see her Facebook page SharonBengalroseHealing. Please read the disclaimer under Channeling if you plan to come and have a reading or healing with Sharon.

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One Spiritual Movement

Sharon is also the founder member of the One Spiritual Movement. Please join the Facebook group page or go the website to register and for more information.

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