Mind games and ego trips

You know to day I am reflecting that your mind plays tricks on you, and your ego saids things that are not true. I have people around me playing cryptic mind games, pulling on my emotional strings at the moment, they use social media to do this. My intuition knows what they are doing, its a cry for help, attention seeking, they are in pain. I have learnt to over look the untruths, the distance they place themselves at, the not speaking games they play. I protect my self from the emotional drain. This does not mean I do not care as I do, but I have to be the best I can for those around me and to serve spirit.

But as I do this am I imagining all this, is it a trick of my mind, my ego telling me falsehoods. Food for thought.

Always go by your intuition this is a gift from God and spirit, your first instincts are correct anything after that is your ego and mind playing games with you.

Love light always x