Open raw emotions

As I cuddled my first grand child for the first time yesterday I cried, my heart swelled and I fell in love. I was starting a new journey in my life.

Many things flashed through my mind:

You have been born into a massive world, one tiny soul, who will make a difference.

I want a perfect world for you and I will do my best to work towards this.

Then I was slightly scared how I could let myself love something else so much, so quickly, afraid of heart break. I felt protective, then my heart broke at all the grand parents who can not see their grand children through family break downs.

I was so proud of my son, his open raw emotions towards his child, not afraid to show and say them. His Girl friends love for them all. My husbands emotion towards his grand daughter and always knowing he would protect her.

I am crying as I type this at the memory, a happy memory to be treasured all my life here and in spirit.