Our feathered friends can be a sign from spirit


Spirit love to use birds as a sign they are around you, this will be a bird you find beauty in or is cute and has meaning to you. In the UK the robin is very popular for this. I see lots of them when out walking thinking about spirit.

One day before Christmas, I was on my own and decided to put up the out side decorations, there are a lot, I was over half way and got to our big maple tree to put lights in, I was starting to flag by this time, but needed to get it done. I was bending down struggling with some wires, when I said to my spirit team, I need some help here guys an energy boost. I then heard singing above my head, I looked up and there was a Robin, chirping down at me, I was gob smacked, he then flew down on to the path, sang again a flew off. My energy levels soared and I completed the task with an out an other thought.

I rarely see a Robin in my garden, its when I’m out walking so I was thrilled, a sign from spirit, thanks guys.

From Harold my guide – One example is a Robin, the reason we use Robins as a sign from spirit, is it’s a very popular bird amongst you and is often seen all year round in your garden in parts of your world. Where there are not Robins we use a birds of beauty that person will resonate with as a sign spirit is near.