Spirit knows our life’s journey

I am excited as at the moment Harold is working with me on the out line of the follow up book to ‘Utopia’. This journey is quite amazing for me as I have struggled all my life with words, as I have dyslexia, even writing an email was a challenge to me. Also reading any thing was a chore, I had to do it in small chunks. But since the day I sat in a trance work shop, and he showed me himself, and then I was told by an other medium I would write a profound book, I have not looked back. They kept niggling at me, one day I sat at the computer, got up a blank word doc and said ‘Ok I’m here, whats the book called?”, the word Utopia came in my head, WOW and that was it we were off.

I have to admit it has been a surreal journey, as the words and book ideas are his. It also can be quite draining as I have to connect a lot to spirit, but there is excitement each time I do as well. I thought I knew my path when I started my spirit journey and that was to be a platform medium, but it has taken a different direction, and I now know it going towards bringing the ethos of spiritualism to the world of Children and their parents. I am looking to 2016, working with my spirit team especially Harold x