Spirit know your destiny

I hear so many people say I can not wait to see the back of 2015. Please STOP look at your year, and pull out the positives, one being you are here on Mother earth, two you are loved and 3 you are YOU.

I like every one else had downs in my year but they all stopped earlier this year when I took control of my destiny. I went to workshops to develop my mediumship and way of thinking, one being with Dennis R Lindsey, where I did his course ‘Miracles of Life’. It was this day where I took control, spirit guiding me to this moment in time. Then with positive thinking I  set in my mind the future I would like for me and my family, and sent my thoughts out to the universe, life took a turn for the better. Positive things started to happen, one main event was my husband found himself by starting painting and now has a good job, financially we became secure, my sons are happy and doing well, I am running my dream Bengalrose business. I also naturally shedded any negative people from my life, ignored the jealous people, drew in positive people and found my own true self .

Once you are on this course of mindset rethinking, you have to keep it up, your goals change and will reset. But keep putting the positive thoughts out there. I now include my experiences in work and it helps others see change can be made.

You all have a spirit team waiting to help you, learn to tap into them and the universe. The change is YOU my friends, you can not blame others for the negatives in your life’s, YOU make the change, YOU make your future. xx