The Celestial Guardians of Earth

This book 'The Celestial Guardians of Earth' introduces to you the celestial beings that oversee humanity and Mother Earth and are guiding us on our ascension path.You will learn about the Overseers, Light Councils, Intergalactic Councils and the beautiful beings that work in Alliance with Earth. These beings are Architects of Earth's future with millenniums of knowledge and wisdom to help aid humanity to ascend physically and consciously. Learn about the ancient history of Earth and the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Salcaritons, Diacuratians, Andromedans, Lemurians and Anunnaki involvement. Discover how each species is helping humanity as they share their missions with you. The book also explains about incarnation, soul connection, higher self, dimensions, the human chakra system and how this all came about for humanity. We know this channelled knowledge will bring answers to many questions you seek about ascension and will enrich your spiritual path and understanding of the universe.

Wow, I love this book, really put some questions I had in to perspective and I now have a great understanding of ascension. Is it not amazing that we have these beautiful beings looking after humanity and Mother Earth. If only all of humanity could open their eyes and hearts to them with out fear. Our world and future would be amazing.