The journey of knowledge

The journey of knowledge

A jump     A skip       A step

How are you moving forward with the next stage of your journey on earth?

A stride       A leap     A climb

Do you have the faith and trust to take the next step?

A look     A glance       A smile

Observe all a round you so you can make the positive choices you need to take for the next part of your journey on your life’s path.

Listen         Trust         Faith

You have your spirit friends to guide you and all the answers you seek lay within you.

Connect       Love       Give

Go forward without hesitation and follow your life’s path to the light.

Divine         God           Universe

The answers you seek are in reach, look, listen and observe, it is all within your grasp.

Enjoy           Blessed           Home

Now sit back and enjoy the ride on earth knowing you are protected until you return back to us.

Teaching     Inspired       Learn

Your journey of gaining knowledge will carry on in the spirit realm and you are always learning and ascending to the light of the divine.

Spirit             Angel         Realm

The love of the divine awaits you, stay safe in the knowledge you are loved and guided back to us to take the next steps on your spirit journey.