The light within Atlantis

This is a story of finding the light in the universe, the utopia we all seek which was once found in the times of ancient Atlantis.
• Telling the rise and fall of Atlantis
• Secrets of the Universe
• Reveals many other planets and dimensions
• Showing the experience of an incarnated soul
• Multidimensional travel
• Enlightenment, wonder and miracles

A story of a physical and multidimensional being from the planet Diacurat. Revealing her experience as an incarnated soul in a humanoid form in ancient Atlantis on Earth. As her story unfolds, she reveals the history of Atlantis and its downfall, the involvement of the twelve Celestial Guardians, Intergalactic Council and overseers of the universe. While she tells her story we learn about her life on Diacurat and she reveals many other planets and dimensions to us.

Wow what can I say, I have been a follower of Sharon now for 4 years and read all her books that so far have guided me on my spiritual path. When I saw Sharon had a new book coming out I could not wait to get it. This book is on a different level to all the others. It is about the creators of the universe, ascension species, incarnation and the story behind Atlantis. As with all her books it has resonated with my soul, I see truth and guidance for humanity in its words. It is told in a story format that draws you in and I love the way the physical life of Touliza runs along side her incarnated existence. I won’t say any more as i do not want to give too much away. You need to read this book and find your own truth from it. thanks again Sharon and guides x  Colin