The Magic of Spirit

This book is for all of humanity to learn about Spiritualism and when you connect with spirit how your life can change for the better. There is information and their meanings about the signs the spirit realm leave for you for example feathers, coins and numbers are just a few of them.

There is a story of a light workers journey with spirit and what she learnt on that Journey. There is also a Spiritual Alphabet for guidance and inspiration to be used in your spiritual churches, circles and teachings. As well as all this they talk about the Elemental beings and other off-world societies that wish to help humanity.

If you are just interested in spiritualism, or the life of spiritualism then this book is for you. The ‘Magic of Spirit’ has been written by the spirit realm for humanity to see how the divine touch of spirit can change you in an uplifting and positive way. You will be inspired, my friends, by the words in this book, which is full of information and guidance from us on awareness of spirit and the signs we leave for you. Remember the key to the magic of spirit is love.

I could not wait to get this book, the follow on from Utopia. The answers I have gained about life after death and what heaven is like is awesome. The book has inspired my inner spirit already and I’m only half way through, it is a book I will be able to refer back to when I’m not sure of my life’s path and find out about the signs I get from my loved ones and guides. I’m part of a spiritualist Church and I know they will be referring to it to inspire us all as they have her two other books. Thank you spirit for this, mankind needs this guidance. Emma