The Magic of Words

Welcome to our book ‘The Magic of Words’, we have written this book for all of humanity as we wish all future children of your world to be bought up in a vibration of love and positivity and we feel their thoughts and words are key to this happening.

You will learn from this book to stay in the positive energy vein, and how to stay in that magical way of being. While on your life’s journey on this earth you are guided by words from your first breath. Words inspire you and change the way you think. This magical book is full of positive quotes and words of inspiration to help guide you on your life’s path. Please share these words out to your fellow mankind to teach and inspire others while on your life’s journey.

This book is the base for humanity to start from, it explains in simple terms how we can change our own lives through thought management, the words we speak and the intent. The written words, of inspiration and guidance fire my soul, and really inspire to be more spiritual in my way of thinking and being. Thank you Sharon and her spirit guide team for this informative book, wisdom and inspiration.

Kyle x