The Mediums Handbook: Step into the Mind of a Medium

Are you are aware that you have gifts capable of connecting to the spirit realm, this book will unlock your potential. We will give you the tools to take your journey towards mediumship and healing; imagine this book is your handbook of guidance.

This new book is a handbook to help you start your journey of discovery, which is unique to you. It offers down to earth sensible guidance of how to start on the path of being a medium.

Learning to be a medium is a journey of many parts. As with all learning you need teachers, like minded people, an environment to learn in and practice your gift.

  • What is mediumship and a medium?
  • How do you become a medium?
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides
  • The journey of the medium
  • Self-awareness, meditation and mindfulness
  • Different ways you can start developing to work with the spirit realm
  • Signs from the spirit realm and there meaning

“This is an excellent guide to mediumship, I am a practicing medium and have started teaching, this book great for those that want to teach as it covers the various processes of learning mediumship, great as a reference book to make sure I’ve covered all areas with students. All my students have also purchased it as a handbook reminder of Sharon's guides teachings" Stella