The shadow within

Message from spirit

Our wish is for your body to be born pure and cleansed surrounded by love. Your body cleansed of any darkness and substances, which your world could harm it by.

There are those mothers nurturing the fetus among mankind that take harmful substances that affect the baby’s body and inner spirit. But when these babies are born we try to cleanse them of the substances so their path in life can be clean and wholesome again.

These substances come from your Mother Earth, which could be used for healing if used correctly amongst mankind. But the drug warlords among man still have the greed and hunger for wealth taking these substances and sell them among you to cause harm and darkness in the light. There is no discrimination for them who they sell it to and the humans that get caught up in this drug world.

The human body and mind is so strongly affected by this abuse they inflict on themselves, they see no reasoning and commit acts through desperation to full fill their addiction. Their acts of great unkindness cause great pain against their fellow man. They push their loved ones to the furthest boundaries and put up a wall so they can’t get in.

But you must remember my friends that these humans need help; no matter what atrocities they cause through substance abuse they need your help. They need to be bought back from the brink from where their body can no longer be abused any more and to stop the hurt they cause others while on this path, to bring them back from the loneliness they feel within.

Their inner spirit does not have the strength to fight this type of abuse my friends even with our help. We see their loved ones do everything they can to try and bring their loved ones back from the brink of despair. But the substances and the dark shadows in the world that push these drugs for wealth, out weigh the single factor of the love of the loved ones.

Once the human has taken drugs they are easy targets and dragged back in to that life of despair again, their mind has been weakened and they look for away to forget the shadow within them.

We this is a massive problem all over your world and causes us great sadness. We see the individual who think there life’s are unhappy, or mentally not coping seeking a release from these feeling which at the start the substance they chose gives them. It gives them the kick to make them smile and feel good again and this is how it all starts my friends, the spiral of the drugs, alcohol and despair for that single human and all that love them.

If only these humans could stand back at those moments in their life’s and look at the good things in their life’s, if only we could lift that despair from their minds so they don’t go down that path. This is not a chosen path my friends for any of you, it is a challenge we see that faces us among you all.

We see the human character can be weak and is influenced by other humans that take you down this path, the weak are targeted by the substance suppliers, who themselves are not users. Remember my friends if you see a child or adult you think is abusing a substance in your lives try to intervene, try to be strong, try and help them. You will hit walls, you will hit barriers but you are the stronger because you are not on the substances that will block your mind and your physical body to the love and light and the divine love that is out there.

These people need your help and not to be shunned, you will not get any thanks back from them my friends, apart from the hope that one day they will live a clean life again. This is part of your ascension, you will give so much and not receive any thing back my friends. The reward will be seeing that human is who they once were and not what they had become.