The spirit within

The magic of the light within

Look within for the light that shines bright.
Like a sun high in the sky above the clouds.
Rising and setting with each beautiful day.

Others shield their eyes as you shine so bright.
As they get used to your newfound light.
They warm to your lights soft magic glow.

Let them absorb your warmth and strength.
You are their new teacher and mentor.
Watch their light glow like the stars above.

The magic of the light is within you all.
This divine light never switches off or fades.
Your flame travels with you on all your journeys.

The many journeys you take are lit like a torch.
Your flame grows brighter with knowledge and wisdom.
You are a beacon on a mountaintop shining out.

Others will be drawn and guided by your light.
You know this and fell the magic of spirit with in.
Now sparkle your magic light into your world and beyond.

Do not doubt of hold back
Shine bright my friends
Blessings and love always x