USA – Spiritualism ethos will make the changes you need

As I watched the news this morning and saw President Obama crying over the deaths of the innocent killed by guns in America I felt my spirit team having mixed  emotions about the whole situation. I was watching it and trying to place my self in my pink bubble so I did not take on the pain of the parents who lost their children.

They know he his a man of good heart and up standing true views. But they also know that these tears have been suppressed by the office and position of power he has held. As he comes to the end of his term of office he can now speak more freely, as he has had to suppress his true feelings due to his role and political pressure to do so.

Yes you could say he could step out of the role as he obviously does not agree with this very old law of guns and the way their government runs things, but he has done so much more for their society so where is the balance. He can now use his last period in office to drive this forward and make true change.

But as you look deeper in to the situation of the gun-laws, the changes have to be made at the core of society. To live in a society that has inherited a need to self protect it self which stems back to the white immigrants a few centuries ago landing in America and having to fight the inhabitants of that land for rights to be there. No wonder this sits deep in to their society’s core. But you now look at the culture today, gang warfare, guns lying lose in homes, not locked away, how do you change all of this? As society is at the moment you will always have the mentally ill, yes some are diagnosed but a few will not be and one event triggers them to take their own life or others.

The changes that need to be made will not come over night. The message from spirit is we need to start with societies children. Bring in the spiritualism ethos and holistic way of thinking in to their education. Their vibrations will be raised and they will not want to be part of crime and hate regimes. If we start now the next generation will be so different and humanity stands a chance of surviving.

I feel President Obama will carry on the gun law battle when his term of office ends. Would love to meet with him and talk about ways we can change their society. Small steps at a time just came in to my head as I typed those last words.

Love and blessings x