Utopia: The Spirit Realm

The must-read book ‘Utopia’ has been written by Sharon Milne Barbour and her guide team, to enlighten humanity about the spirit world, the outside influences that have affected Earth’s history, humanity's beliefs and religions.

Sharon and her team want you to read this book and draw your own conclusions, but their hope is that from this book, you will take a positive step forward on your life’s path. Every positive step from one human is a positive step forward for humanity, which will help you all work as one, care and protect each other, creating a world of unity. You all deserve happiness, comfort and enlightenment, which Sharon and her  team of guides know you will find in this book.

The book is filled  with mesmerising and incredible facts about the spirit world, UFO’s and ancient Earth times.

What an amazing and insightful book, full of knowledge and evidence to back up what is being said in the book. This book will open your eyes up to a bigger picture, so be sure to expand the way you think and keep an open mind. Clair