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Welcome to my workshop  page, I will keep you updated with any workshops I am running. To book please email Sharon on

6 week development course

I am offering a 6 week individual spiritual development course – Comprised of 6 sessions, one a week, of one and half hours. This is for people that want to learn to connect with spirit but don’t feel ready to go to a workshop or development group. You will gain your confidence and learn some basics to spread your wings and grow on your spiritual path.

You will receive a copy of my “Step in to a mind of a medium” teaching book and a note book for the course and homework. We book your 6 weeks dates upfront, but there is flexibility for illness etc.

Cost – £180 = £30 per session – 6 sessions. Upfront nonrefundable full payment is required as all 6 sessions are booked in advance. I allow one extra week move if you are ill, after that it will be £30 for the extra week if cancellation happens again. Course is only refunded if i have to cancel. if I am ill for one session it is moved with out detriment to you.

The Magic Journey with Spirit – First Connection Workshop – one day Thus 26th September 2019 – £35
‘The Magic journey with spirit – First connection workshop’ is for beginners, a workshop for those starting on their spiritual journey, wanting to develop their connection with spirit. You will learn how to connect to your spirit guides and learn the magic of how they can change your lives on a day-to-day basis. You might wish to develop your connection to be a reader or healer or just to help own spiritual journey, which ever this is the course for you.This workshop will help you enhance your connection to your spirit guides, and understand how they wish to work with you as an individual. What you will gain and benefit from this connection with the spirit realm will change your life’s path and the course will inspire you as you connect with other like-minded people. You will feel the love and kindness from the spirit world as your connection grows and the experience will alter you as a person and the way you see your. As you connect your inner spirit will grow stronger and your light will shine brighter and find the person you need to be.I know this workshop will INSPIRE you and you will amazed at how you will enjoy these new experiences the workshop will offer you.You will learn aboutEnergy – meditation – signs from your spirit team – readings – The magic of spirit – Positive way of being – and so much more!

The Magic Journey with Spirit – Enhance your Gifts Workshop one day – June 27th 2019 – £35

‘The Magic journey with spirit – Enhance your Gifts workshop’ is for those in their early stages of your mediumship journey and want to build on your power and enhance your link to the spirit realm.

This workshop is all about enhancing your journey and gifts, working with like minded people in a fun workshop that will leave you inspired and excited about your spiritual journey.

You will learn about

  • Work on building you power and connection to your guides and beyond
  • How to do readings, connection and conduct
  • The laws of the land and how this journey might affect you
  • Find your strengths and how spirit want to work with you

I know this workshop will INSPIRE you and you will amazed at how you will enjoy these new experiences the workshop will offer you.

Create your life’s treasure map – Workshop one day

This wonderful workshop is the boost you will need for  your life and spiritual journey . The workshop ‘Create your life treasure map’, is about finding your true self and how to manifest the magic treasures you need for a positive magical life. I will give you the tools, wisdom and confidence to find your path in life and all the treasures that will be yours when you find it.
You will create your future vision board treasure map.
You will learn about:
Meditation Mindfulness well-being
Positive energies and thinking Self healing
How to love yourself
You will leave this workshop in an awesome uplifted state of well being with the positive tools to manifest your dreams.

‘Inspiration writing connection Workshop – one day – Thus October 3rd 2019 – £35

Sharon is a very experienced spiritual teacher guided by her guides to bring out the individual unique abilities each student has. She is also the author of the international selling book ‘Step into the mind of a medium’. She is inspired to bring her spiritual writing journey and knowledge out to others.

Have you been told you will write a book, or spend time with the feeling you will. This inspiration writing workshop will cover connection with your guides through inspiration writing and speaking your words. We will explore how to write a book, what to do and how to get published.

Over four years ago Sharon channeled her first book and just published her seventh. She has a lot of experience and advice to share. Sharon is a very experienced spiritual teacher guided by her guides to bring out the individual unique abilities each student has.

Trance – Inspirational writing and speaking Workshop –  day – Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 10 AM – 3 PM – £35

Trance helps with all aspects of your spiritual development and growth and bring you incite. It is a beautiful energy bring the connection of unconditional love, philosophy and wisdom from our spirit guides.

The workshop will include:
– Inspirational speaking and writing connection with your guides
– building on your trance experience and working to bring evidence in your trance mediumship
If you would like to develop your TRANCE further this is the workshop for you.

Soul Connection Workshop –  half day – October 17th 2019 – £25

The Soul Connection workshop is a half day workshop to link you to your inner light your soul.

Many of you walk around with out this deep connection. This soul connection is key to every humans life journey and spiritual journey.

Your soul knows you life’s path, past and future. It is a library of knowledge, wisdom and a resource of high divine guidance to help you on your life’s journey. It also is your natural healing source and your link to your home world.

You will learn how to connect to your soul and keep that connection and so much more x

Workshop booking terms and conditions

Full payment is required to secure a space. No space will be booked unless we have full payment.

If WE have to cancel the workshop for any reason you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel your workshop place up to 8 days before the event a full refund is given or you can move to another workshop space in the future.

If you cancel 7 days or less before the event there is no refund given.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the workshops if behavior is in appropriate.