New Earth -The light beyond the horizon

This book will enlighten you in ways you could never imagine and will guide you through a journey of wonder that humanity can make their reality.

This story is about a physical and multidimensional being called Anikelican from the planet Diacurat – revealing her experience as an incarnated soul on earth set in the future. As her story unfolds, she reveals the history of ascension beings that have visited Earth.

The story starts millions of years ago and finishes in the twenty third century. While she tells her story we learn about the awakening period of the twenty first century and how this created the ‘New Earth’ frequency. This leads to her explaining the future ascension of the human race, living side-by-side with alien beings.

It is available on Amazon as a paper back and Kindle version

This book is wonderful, makes so much sense to me and many thoughts and beliefs I have about our universe have been confirmed. I love the way there is a story within a story, both revealing so much history and knowledge. The book also gave me hope for the future of humanity and Earth and made me see we are the ground breaker generation for our future ascension, setting stepping stones for our children and their children to follow. Believe me, this is a must read.

Jean x

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