Soul Connection – Ayderline the spirit within

I offer you the wisdom of learning about Soul Connection and how it could change your life for the better. How many of you are connected to your soul and understand its purpose? Your soul is your life’s Sat-nav and vital to fulfilling your life’s mission here on Earth. Connect to find your true self.

My name is Ayderline and this is the story of my incarnated life’s and spirit guide experiences. I am going to take you on a journey through time and dimensions, enabling you to experience with me some of my physical incarnated lives. I begin my story in my home world before I travel to Earth to ancient Greece, at the time of the end of the Roman Empire. My incarnated Earth lives and experiences take you to the Viking period, the age of Napoleon, England’s green farmlands, the Second World War and then as far as your modern day. Along the way, I will share my experiences of dying from a broken heart, the fear of war, love, survival and heartache. As well as all this, you will be taken on a journey to another planet and be part of my physical existence as a highly evolved ascension being.

It is available on Amazon as a paper back and Kindle version.

“I have read Sharon’s other books, so when I saw she had released another one I was excited. It is very different to the others, its from the perspective of the souls journey and how they work with humanity. I found it fascinating, reading about history, other worlds and of course learning as I read it. It is easy to read and I want to read it again to really absorb the message within the words x “
Jen x