Spiritual Development: 6 week development course

Spiritual Development: 6 week development course

This is a bespoke course and all content is tailored to your specific needs and levels.

I am offering a 6 week individual spiritual development course which is face-to-face or ONLINE – Comprised of 6 one and a half hour sessions, one a week. You will gain your confidence and learn some basics to spread your wings and grow on your spiritual path. This is especially for people who want to learn to connect with spirit but don’t feel ready to go to a workshop or development group.

You will receive a copy of my “Step in to a mind of a medium” teaching book and a note book for the course and homework. We book your 6 weeks dates upfront, but there is flexibility for illness etc.

  • Bespoke one to one development
  • Guiding you on your spiritual path
  • Improve your psychic and clairvoyant abilities
  • Connecting with your spirit guides
  • Self-awareness, meditation and mindfulness
  • Learning about energies and protection
  • 6 one and a half hour lessons

“Thankyou Very much Sharon for Your wisdom. knowledge inspiration and encouragement when I doubted myself. I have gained so much from this amazing 6wk spiritual development course and I am very proud to continue to have you as a mentor and a friend xxx” Janice

Medium and holistic healer
Sharon Milne Barbour is a medium and holistic healer based in Newport, South Wales (UK). Through her work with spirit, she loves to help people find happiness and heal, raising their positive energy levels with messages from loved ones in spirit. Also to teach others about the spiritual path and mediumship. Her sixth book, ‘Step into the Mind of a Medium, follows on from her previous books, ‘Utopia’, ‘The Magic of Spirit’, The Magic of Words’, Ayderline the Spirit Within’, Heavenly guidance’ and ‘Inspiration Guidance Cards Also her seventh book ‘The light within Atlantis’ is now available.

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Cost – £240 = £40 per session – 6 sessions. Upfront nonrefundable full payment is required as all 6 sessions are booked in advance. I allow one extra week move if you are ill, after that it will be £40 for the extra week if cancellation happens again. Course is only refunded if I have to cancel. if I am ill for one session it is moved with out detriment to you.

Pay your deposit to secure your place (£60) email Sharon@bengalrose.co.uk

What people say…

“ Thank you Sharon for your light and guidance. Our sessions have been a wonderful experience of self-discovery. I feel very grateful for having met you.”
“ Brilliant! you gave me just the help I needed and I grasped it much quicker than sitting in a group. This has really rocketed my development ”